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Blabla Kids ethical heirloom toys blankets and accessories

E T H I C A L      S U S T A I N A B L E      W H I M S I C A L

H E I R L O O M      Q U A L I T Y

Blabla was created in 2001 by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wtterweld, two good friends with the same philosophy on life and beauty.

While visiting Peru, Susan and Florence came across entire villages of expert knitters who had been keeping the tradition alive for generations.  Inspired by their talent and the incredible quality and softness of the Peruvian cotton, they decided to start their own company of cuddly knitted products for children.  Joseph, Flo’s husband, joined the team a couple of years later.

Blabla have now been collaborating with the same Peruvian artisans for over fifteen years.  Their soft and cuddly creatures are crafted with patience in the best materials available, with thoughtful imaginative details which make each one precious and unique.  Flo’s poetic, simple, yet vibrant style combined with the ancestral knowledge of the knitters gives life to the collection of well loved characters who look contemporary, yet feel like old friends.

Made to last, a Blabla friend is a friend for life!

With a commitment to fair trade, environmental impact awareness, and continuous involvement in various humanitarian causes, Blabla’s mission is to continue to inspire joy, imagination and laughter to make the world a better place for all of us.

To find your local stockist or become a Blabla stockist email us at  We are now distributing Blabla here in Australasia!

If you wish to see us at our next trade-only viewings please call +61 4 12 017 690 or sign up to our mailing list here for more information.

Honey Bunny Ethically knitted Blabla Kids toy

Love heart ethical cotton cushion by Blabla Kids

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