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The   U n i v e r s e   of   N u m e r o 7 4   is   t e n d e r   s i m p l e   a u t h e n t i c.

Children are the Common Thread.

o r g a n i c      e t h i c a l      a r t i s n a l      h a n d m a d e

NUMERO74 VICKI SWAN ANIMAL CUSHION ORGANIC COTTON ETHICALLY HANDMADE THAILAND“The 2018 Catalogue is a testimony to the spirit of Numero 74, continually dedicated to speaking its own language and staging the imaginary. Thread by thread, we are weaving the web of a world that opens itself up to all possibilities, allowing for new encounters, new discoveries, new bonds and new directions.

The style of Numero74 is a proposal to explore together a way of living where freedom of expression and dreams become intertwined. Both little ones and grownups are invited to an intangible journey towards a future tinged with colours, joy, and happiness.”

This is exemplified in the poetic spaces and looks Numero74 products create, from divinely soft and flowing canopies, bed drapes and bedding through to the whimsical new animal cushions. Their slow fashion items for Baby, Mum and Kids create a simple, elegant, subtle look, both simple yet stylish and always timeless.

100% ethically handmade within women’s collectives in Thailand, allowing women and artisans to work from home while still earning a fair wage, keeping villages and families together.

Made in sumptuously soft Organic Cottons, in saloo, canvas and waffle, in a myriad of colours from subtle to deep.

A Numero74 world is one that is relaxed, playful, respectful, soft and timeless.

N74 2018 Lookbook Australia & New Zealand


Just like in a children’s tale, one only needs to turn a page for imagination to abound…


n74 create a life you love

While we are still at maximum capacity worldwide for N74, we are looking for some strategic partnerships to expand the Slow Fashion – Mum’s and Kids + the Adult Home collection’s in certain areas.  Should you be interested in applying, please let us know below.

To become an Australian or New Zealand Numero74 stockist, please fill in the form here.

Want to learn more or find your local stockist?  Click here to go to the Numero74 section of the Australasian distributor, Nomades Home’s, website.

If you wish to see us at our next trade-only viewings please call +61 4 12 017 690 or sign up to our mailing list here for more information.


b e a u t i f u l      r e s p e c t f u l      w h i m s i c a l      s o f t      s u b t l e

n74 powder drape organic cotton ethically handmade bed drape

N74 be the energy you wish to attract

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